Connecting with our community

In early March, we met with UBC Counselling Services and presented SHARE to their team. I initially introduced SHARE to a previous counsellor when I reconnected with her to learn more about the field of social work and her experience in the profession. To my delight, she was more than happy to meet with me … Continue reading Connecting with our community

“Jacked Up”

The Jack Summit was more than a month ago, and it's taken me all of March to figure out how to do this whole audio editing thing (I can say for sure that I will not be pursuing it as a profession :P). Natasha had the opportunity to attend, and was kind enough to share … Continue reading “Jacked Up”

Let’s Talk

First off, what a wonderful Bell Let’s Talk Day and UBC Suicide Awareness Day! We, as an entire nation, combined everyone’s voices and efforts, and achieved a record of 122,150,772 million tweets, texts, calls and shares! Which means Bell will be donating $6,107,538.60 towards mental health initiatives around Canada this year. The Kaleidoscope, a non-profit … Continue reading Let’s Talk

the next step

The past two weeks have been quite a milestone for us. Hosting our first ever SHARE group (and one of Canada’s first), reaching 100 Facebook likes, getting our first attendee, and having another awesome person join our team. We also had the pleasure of attending this year’s UBC Student Leadership Conference: The Next Step. There … Continue reading the next step

The Self-Hug and Guidelines

This past Sunday, I met up with Natasha at the Waves on Main and Broadway, seeking her creative help. I showed her some sketches I had made during a sleepless night back in April of 2013. To my pleasant surprise, she really liked the final idea that I had come up with, and took the liberty … Continue reading The Self-Hug and Guidelines

And so it begins…

Three Sundays ago, Natasha and I had our first SHARE planning meeting. We tucked ourselves in a corner window seat at Prado Cafe on Commercial; the window panes were dressed in a veil of condensation and rain was falling heavily. We each got drinks and then delved into passionate discussion with the accompaniment of the … Continue reading And so it begins…