Self Harm Anonymous Recovery & Education is a social innovation aiming to promote self-care, educate about self-harm & provide support for anyone affected by self harm, including friends & family.


To provide non-judgemental support for self-harm recovery

To educate the public about self-harm and to teach and advocate for self-care

To encourage people to create SHARE groups in their local communities

How it all started

SHARE Canada was inspired by the Facebook group S.H.A.R.E originally created by a young woman, Beth Davis, with the support of her many friends. This virtual support group reaches out to people globally (North America, Asia, Europe, Australia etc.) who are looking for support and guidance during their recovery and has helped many since its creation in early 2012.

Being a great beneficiary of S.H.A.R.E, I still strove to find and offer support in my local community in a physical face-to-face setting. After much research, I was disappointed to find that there are plenty of physical support groups such as (AA, NA, OA, SAA, Gam-Anon, CoDA etc.) but nowhere could I find even one such community support group for self-harm in Canada, let alone Vancouver. Let down by this discovery, I only imagined how many others encountered the same disappointment, and I decided to take action.

With the blessings of S.H.A.R.E, SHARE Canada was founded. We started the first physical SHARE group here in Vancouver as our first project.